S L A Y E D #browsb

Following your aftercare is a crucial part to having your dream brows! Remember that any cosmetic tattoo procedure needs to be carefully cleaned and well taken care of during the first two weeks for optimal results.

Steps include:
- Washing VERY GENTLY morning and night with baby shampoo. Using a pea size of baby shampoo and cool water wash your brows.
- Pat dry with paper towel or clean hand towel.
- Apply brow balm and/or coconut oil,grape seed oil, or jojoba oil using a clean q-tip. Not a lot is needed but this will have to be reapplied through the day.



- wear a hat and big glasses if you are going in the sun.


- wear sunscreen after you are healed to prolong the life of your tattoo.


- Take selfies and enjoy your new waterproof, sweat proof BROWS BY LYRIC

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Wake up fluffed and ready _ _ #browsbyly

- no sweating for the first ten days, this includes working out, saunas, hot yoga, etc. (10 days)


- no ocean, pool, lakes etc (10 days)


- no direct sun exposure (10 days)


- no facials, peels, facial waxing, use of kin lightening products (2 weeks)


- no scratching, picking, or itching at your brows.